Perfect Valor

Operation Phantom Fury was the fight for control of Fallujah. American troops battled through a city of enemy insurgents, fought house to house and street to street to seize control of the most dangerous city in the world. Perfect Valor is the story of the price extracted from US forces and the legacy of that campaign as seen through the eyes of the men and women who were there, risking their lives in service to their country.

We meet a Navy Cross recipient, recognized for extraordinary gallantry under fire during the assault on Fallujah. A true American hero still haunted by his experience in Iraq . The film also provides the perspective of those who went to Fallujah not to take lives but to save them. We hear the harrowing story of a battalion surgeon who risked his own life to move an aid station forward, into the middle of the fight. A decision that saved thirty lives.

Perfect Valor paints a vivid picture of urban warfare. Using high-definition footage, viewers get a never-before seen look at the experiences of American troops fighting in Iraq . The film weaves individual stories of courage, struggle, and triumph into the broad fabric of the war. These brave men and women answered the call to serve. They deserve to be honored, and their stories deserve to be told.